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The mission of FundMate is to provide hassle-free and quick business funds. Proudly located in Miami Beach financial district, FundMate is a nationally recognized financial technology company that provides fast and flexible working capital to small and medium-sized businesses across the country.

Fundmate has become a direct lender with an established, impeccable reputation for trustworthiness. People who know and have worked with us will bear witness to the hard work, attention to the details of each transaction, and strong follow-through.

By combining proprietary technology with a team of small business financing experts, we deliver same day business funding, Equipment Financing, SBA loans, Long term loan with the speed and simplicity business owners need to succeed and grow.

With a simple online application, businesses can trust FundMate for approvals and funding within hours, and personalized support and service when they need it most.

Our clients have seen grown assets behind each feature of our business. Briefly, this means better and quicker service to our customers. Our team has already shown how progress can have an impact.


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