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What is an SBA Loan?

Small Business Administration Loans are a crucial resource for entrepreneurs across the USA who aspire to establish, expand, or enhance their businesses. These loans are a type of conventional financing subject to stringent regulations and are partially backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Authorized lenders, like FundMate, administer SBA loans. They come with government guarantees, capped interest rates, and fees. SBA loans are exclusively available to small business owners through lenders approved by the Small Business Administration. These loans are designed to support and empower small businesses in their growth and success.
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Choosing the Right SBA Loan Program

7(a) SBA Loan Program

The 7(a) loan program is the most popular choice and offers incredible flexibility. It's suitable for businesses seeking working capital or starting up. These loans are considered general-purpose small business loans and come with affordable interest rates. The Small Business Administration guarantees maximum interest rates that lenders can charge. FundMate, based in Miami, is a provider of unsecured loans and can assist with 7(a) loans.

504/CDC SBA Loan Program

The 504/CDC (Certified Development Company) loan program is designed for businesses looking to expand or modernize by purchasing fixed assets. It offers long-term, fixed-interest rate financing. This loan option is ideal for small businesses seeking commercial real estate, equipment purchases, or significant renovations. It provides lower payments and long-term repayment periods.

When selecting an SBA loan program, consider your business’s specific needs, such as working capital, startup costs, expansion, or asset purchase. Choose the program that aligns best with your objectives and financial circumstances.
If you’re unsure about the right SBA loan program for your business, FundMate is here to assist you. Our specialists can evaluate your business’s unique needs, provide explanations, and guide you in choosing the loan program that suits you best.

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Access to a Revolving Line

Borrow as little or as much as you require from your available credit. Your credit line replenishes as you make repayments.

Low Intrest Rates

Inject your business with a substantial capital amount at the market's lowest interest rates.

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Qualify for an SBA Loan

While traditional SBA loans are significantly easier to attain than your average bank loan, they’re still more difficult to occupy than most loans from non-institutional lenders. They are known for being more paperwork with a much longer time to funds and a higher percentage of rejection than direct online lenders. However, due to the economic stress caused by COVID-19, some of the Small Business Administration loans have loosened their requirements to ensure that small business owners have easier access to these loans.

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However, traditional banks require you to complete long paperwork with no guarantee approval of your application. At FundMate, we know minority business owners don’t have a lot of time to navigate the funding process. Our streamlined application and fast approval process make it easy for you to get the working capital of your business needs, and our Advisors will be there to answer any questions you might have throughout the process. Your success is what matters to us most.

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