Apply Online for a SBA Loan

Enjoy the flexibility of a Sba loan. with monthly payments & higher capital injections keeping your cash flow strong.

Apply Online for a SBA Loan

Enjoy the flexibility of a Sba loan. with monthly payments & higher capital injections keeping your cash flow strong.

Apply Online for a SBA Loan

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A line of credit gives you access to funds up to your credit limit which can be borrowed and paid back multiple times while only paying interest on the money you borrow. This is a flexible and typically unsecured way to borrow money for seasonal businesses or businesses that need help managing cash flow or handling unexpected expenses.

What is an SBA Loan?

SBA loans help businesses owners around the USA who have the drive to be entrepreneurs establish, build, and grow their business successfully. SBA loans are a form of conventional financing that is very strictly controlled which are partially guaranteed by the Small Business Administration U.S. and are issued by authorized lenders such as FundMate. Small Business Administration loans are government guaranteed financing programs with capped interest rates and fees. SBA loans are issued exclusively to minor business owners by Small Business Administration approved lenders.

How to Select Right Option for a SBA Loan Program

7a SBA Loan Program

7(a) Loan – The choice for businesses looking to access working capital or startup their business.

The 7a loan is the most popular SBA loan program. These loans are considered general purpose small business loans that offer incredible flexibility with how they can be used by minor businesses. The interest rate for a 7a loan is some of the most affordable for you. The maximum interest rates that lenders can offer are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. FundMate is Unsecured loan Provider Company in Miami.

504/CDC SBA Loan Program

CDC/504 Loan – This loan provides long-term, fixed-interest rate financing to small businesses that are trying to expand or modernize.

The 504/CDC (Certified Development Company) loan was designed for businesses that wish to purchase fixed assets for expansion or modernization. It requires a low payment and provides fixed interest rates with long-term payment periods. The 504/CDC loan option is typically ideal for small business owners who are looking for commercial real estate options, need to purchase equipment, or looking for completely costly renovations.

If you’re not sure which SBA loans Program is right for you, FundMate can help you. Talk to one of our specialists, and he or she will evaluate your business’ needs, explain and help you to decide which loans program is right for you.

SBA Loan
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Funds available on demand

Enjoy peace of mind by having money available for any business expense. Draw funds with a click of a button.

Only pay for time needed

No prepayment fees, monthly maintenance fees, or account closure fees.

Access to a revolving line

Draw as little or as much as you want from your available credit. Your credit line replenishes as you make repayments.

Low Intrest rates

inject your business with a high capital amount at the lowest rate in the market.

Qualify for an SBA Loan

While traditional SBA loans are significantly easier to attain than your average bank loan, they’re still more difficult to occupy than most loans from non-institutional lenders. They are known for being more paperwork with a much longer time to funds and a higher percentage of rejection than direct online lenders. However, due to the economic stress caused by COVID-19, some of the Small Business Administration loans have loosed their requirements to ensure but small business owners reach as many as possible.

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Why You Get Funded by Fundmate

However, traditional banks require you to complete long paperwork with no guarantee approval of your application. At FundMate, we know minority business owners don’t have a lot of time to navigate the funding process. Our streamlined application and fast approval process make it easy for you to get the working capital of your business needs, and our Advisors will be there to answer any questions you might have throughout the process. Your success is what matters to us most.

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Why is it better?

Unlike traditional business loans, available through banks or credit unions, that look at your credit history, business & personal tax returns, our revenue based funding program only considers your business income over the last 3 months. This allows us to precisely determine your business’ performance and provide you with timely and competitive offers.

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How do I qualify?

If you have been in business for at least 3 months and are depositing a minimum of $10,000/month, you are already pre-qualified for our revenue based funding program.

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What can I use the money for?

There’s no restriction on what you can you use the money for, though we recommend putting the funds towards income multiplying activities. Our customers usually use the funds for: purchasing inventory, payroll financing, equipment financing, marketing campaign funding, business expansion capital.


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