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Invoice Factoring

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What is invoice factoring?

Invoice factoring is a financial transaction that enables a company to sell its accounts receivables (unpaid invoices) to a third party, typically a financial institution or factoring company, at a discount. This practice is also known as accounts receivable financing or asset-based financing. Business owners receive an upfront cash advance in exchange for unpaid invoices.

Small business owners from various industries often face challenges when clients delay payments or, in some cases, fail to pay altogether. These circumstances can create cash flow issues for businesses.

In such situations, exploring financing options carefully becomes crucial to select the right funding solution to support business growth and address cash flow challenges effectively. Invoice factoring is one such solution that can provide businesses with quick access to cash by converting their outstanding invoices into immediate capital.

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Access more capital with full flexibility

Free up your cash

Unlike a traditional loan, there are no recurring payments when your customer pays by the invoice due date.

Transparent Fees

Know exactly what you’re paying with our straightforward fees. We charge a simple weekly fee due when the invoice is paid.

Fund only what you want

You decide how many and which invoices to submit. Fund only what you need, when you need, without long-term contracts.

Get larger credit limits

Get a credit line based on the strength of your customers. As your sales grow, so can your credit limit.

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How It Works

Using the factoring services means that company is growing and expanding without any receivable hit account. Growth is access to business capital and bank financing.

Invoice Factoring is used as a short-term quick fix for a business that is facing a cash flow slow down. Owners always want to resolve the root cause, non – paying customers. Dealing with unpaid invoices is crucial to the long-term health of the business that faces issues regularly.

When you consider factoring as an option, there is a difference between recourse factoring and non-recourse factoring. Contract factoring is financing agreement between the Construction Company and factor.

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How to Qualify For Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is typically easier to qualify for compared to traditional loans. Lenders primarily assess:

Customer Reliability: They focus on your customers’ ability to pay their invoices.
Time in Business: Longer-established businesses may have an advantage.
Annual Revenue: A minimum revenue level may be required.
Invoice Quality: Accurate, clear invoices are important.
Credit Score: It’s considered but not the primary factor.

Strong financial qualifications can lead to better rates and terms. Invoice factoring is ideal for B2B or service-based businesses seeking cash flow from unpaid invoices. Compare financing options to find the best fit for your needs.

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